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Welcome to the Kairos Torch C.H.I.P. Program. Kairos Torch has teamed up with the National Mentoring Partnership (MENTOR) in an effort to identify and place children that have one or more parent in prison with a caring mentor. Mentoring Children of Prisoner's Voucher Demonstration Program "Caregiver's Choice" was established in 2007. The Voucher Demonstration program is designed to increase access to mentoring services nationwide and provide caregivers and parents the choice to select a mentoring program that meets high quality standards.

The Family and Youth Services Bureau, within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services awarded a grant to MENTOR to coordinate the distribution of the vouchers. The goal is to serve children who reside in areas not served by a Mentoring Children of Prisoner's basic grant, Native American children and children residing in rural areas. In turn MENTOR has contracted with Kairos Torch to assist them in identifying children of the incarcerated and give the gift of mentoring to those desiring a mentor.


Mentoring benefits both children and families. Children with an incarcerated parent are a diverse group of children with a shared experience. They can benefit from mentoring in a variety of ways. Many children benefit from an additional adult who can help them with their homework and encourage them in school. Other children may enjoy playing games and sports with their mentor. Often times, mentors can provide an empathetic ear and support as children struggle with their parents' incarceration. When children spend time with their mentors, it can open up free time for caregivers or parents.

For busy caregivers with work commitments, mentors may provide peace of mind: knowing their child is with a trusted adult for activities and outings. Also, research indicates that children with mentors have better relationships with parents and peers, are less likely to skip school, and are more likely to feel confident about their schoolwork.

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